The Association Gaetano Marzotto was started up in 2010, on the wishes of Giannino Marzotto, as a non-profit association dedicated to the memory of his father, Count Gaetano Marzotto, a reference point for twentieth century business, who was able to unite business and society, culture and the territory. The association’s aim is to recognise and award those whose vocation is to undertake, directly or indirectly, what Count Gaetano Marzotto exemplified during his life.

The association was started up in order to search among the younger generations to discover how many wanted to find concrete solutions, how much was needed to translate their ideas into action, and how many stood out for their courage and intelligence; the association then, as a result, could give them backing that might even be financial. The association concerns itself with those who believe in the possibility of change in order to help them find or invent new paths for recuperating the historical heritage of the founder and for renewing his vision in the contemporary context.


President Margherita Marzotto

Vice President Matteo Marzotto

Managing director Ferdinando Businaro

Director Cristiano Seganfreddo

Administration board

Cristiana Marzotto | Stefano Marzotto

Giorgiana Notarbartolo | Veronica Marzotto Notarbartolo

Emanuele Sacchetti 

Project Managment Agenzia del Contemporaneo