The competition is for the students of primary schools, lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools, and professional training centres in the province of Vicenza. The subject, The planet I would like. New food for a new planet, has the aim of stimulating thought in line with Expo Milano 2015.
Feed the Planet. Energy for Life.


The students are asked to ponder and give their answer to the following points: Is it possible to guarantee healthy food and water to all the world’s population? How can we ensure the certainty of food on our planet? Can development and progress guarantee certainty of food? Can we propose new solutions and perspectives to protect our planet’s biodiversity? What relationship do food and health have to the life-style, physical activities, and the wellbeing of people? The evolution of the food chain: what food has been and will be eaten and produced from early mankind to human beings in 2050?


There will be available nine scholarships of 750 Euro for primary schools (two for the best individual work and seven for the best group work), nine scholarships of 1.000 Euros for lower secondary schools (three for the best individual work and six for the best group work), nine scholarships of 1.500 Euros for upper secondary schools (five for the best individual work and four for the best group work), and three special prizes of 5,000 Euros destined, respectively, for primary schools, lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools and professional training centres that win the highest number of scholarships.

Visit to Padiglione Italia

The class or group of students that, according to the jury, has undertaken the individual or group work with the greatest possibility of giving an answer to the problem of feeding the planet will be awarded a guided tour of Padiglione Italia at Expo Milano 2015*.
A digital story consisting of the projects by the contestants will be screened Palazzo Italia as part of Expo Milano 2015 on 4 October 2015.

* The prize will be given during the award ceremony and must be used before 31 October 2015. The guided tour of Padiglione Italia consists of a Vicenza-Milan return trip and thirty free entrance tickets for Expo Milano 2015, all paid for by the Associazione Gaetano Marzotto, and a guided tour of the educational itinerary in Padiglione Italia curated by Progetto Scuola.

The Jury

The official jury consists of Matteo Marzotto, President Associazione Progetto Marzotto; Patrizia Galeazzo, Supervisor Progetto Scuola Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015;Ario Gervasutti, Director Il Giornale di Vicenza; Domenico Martino, Director of the educational office for the territory of Vicenza; Riccardo Pozzoli, President of the Vicenza dairy; Eugenio Soldà, Prefect of Vicenza; Achille Variati, President province of Vicenza; Filippo Zanetti, Councilor for simplification and innovation, city council of Vicenza; Francesca Zanuso, Professor of the philosophy of law, law faculty of the university of Verona.


Creative work of all artistic kinds can be submitted. The projects can be by individuals, groups, classes, or groups of classes, and can be, for example: texts (essay, poem, story, screenplay etc.): doc or pdf files or scans of manuscript texts in pdf format, maximum 5 pages.Images (graphic document, drawing, photograph, painting, sculpture etc.): graphic file or scan of the original graphic document in jpeg or pdf format. Audio file (musical compositions, songs, music, readings etc.): mp3 format, maximum 10 minutes. Video files (e.g. advertisement, short film, performance, play, musical etc.): mp4 format, maximum 10 minutes.


The projects must be nominated with the SURNAME and NAME of the participant or the group’s reference person, and the indication of the age group of the school. The latter must be indicated with the initials P, for a primary school; S1 for a lower secondary school; S2 for an upper secondary school; and CFP for a professional training centre. For example: SMITH_JOHN_P; WHITE_JANET_S2. Each project must be accompanied by the acceptance file relative to the project itself. All participants must download the PROJECT and the ACCEPTANCE FILE before 30 May 2015 from the following page:
Download the acceptance file HERE

Condizioni di partecipazione

Non saranno presi in considerazione invii di materiali che non siano nel formato richiesto o mancanti di scheda di adesione. Il solo invio costituisce accettazione del presente bando e comporta per l’organizzazione del concorso il diritto a riprodurre l’elaborato o sue parti per scopi divulgativi e informativi. La partecipazione al concorso equivale all’autorizzazione permanente all’utilizzo degli elaborati per le suddette finalità.


Apertura del concorso:
febbraio 2015

Chiusura del concorso:
30 maggio 2015

Premiazione ufficiale al Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza:
autunno 2015

In collaborazione con

L’iniziativa è ideata e realizzata da Associazione Progetto Marzotto in collaborazione con la Regione del Veneto, l’Ufficio Scolastico Territoriale di Vicenza, la Prefettura di Vicenza, il Comune di Vicenza, la Centrale del Latte di Vicenza e con il patrocinio del Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015, della Regione del Veneto, della Provincia di Vicenza e del Comune di Vicenza.